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New Structured Finance electronic funds deposit (EFD) loan program

Our structured finance  second chance loan program combines both electronic funds deposit (EFD's) Direct Deposit & Check Services  to underwrite and streamline small dollar loan approval rates and ability to repay.

Why choose MKG Money Service Business (EFD) loan program Direct Deposit & Check Service

 We offer convenient locations extended hours vary from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday through Sunday. Higher financing loan terms based on (ATR) ability to repay, settlement options, Single transaction check limits $99,000 dollars . In order qualify for our electronic fund deposit (EFD) direct deposit & check service a individual person must have on file authorized (LPOA) limited power of attorney form, gainfully employed or receive direct deposit from following sources of income eligible for direct deposit & check service within 30 days . 

Approved Types of Income

Payroll, Insurance Settlements, Lum Sum Payments,Retirement, State Retirement, Unemployment, Tax Refund, Disability, AFDC (Welfare) Workman’s Compensation 

EFD's FAQ's & The Benefits

 The main purpose of a structured finance or installment loan in Fresno is to fill in gaps where other loans will not meet a clients needs. Most personal loans require good credit and a solid asset base in order to be approved. A individual that has recently defaulted on a payday loan in Fresno or suffered losses in a foreclosure or 60-90 day late payments reported to the credit bureau's, for example, will have difficulty meeting Banks or Credit Card Companies credit requirements. 

Check Fee Schedule Cashier’s Check Fee $4.00 for first benefit 

each additional benefit $3.00 

Payroll Only $3.00

MKG Enterprises Corp. handling fee $0.00-$9.99 

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Processing times can take up to 2-3 weeks to approve depending on your type of income received.

 California loans are made pursuant to MKG Money Service Business, Cash Advance Short Term Repayment Option Lender California Department of Business Oversight Finance Lenders Law License 60DBO-58213 and 60DBO-45224