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About MKG Money Service Business IRA lending in Fresno

Alternative Banking, Fresno Private IRA Lending Loan Program


Our IRA Investors and HSA Investors private lending loan  to a person or company etc. utilizing IRS Approved

Self Directed IRA's and Self Directed HSA's

IRA loans the limit is $5,500, or $6,500 if you are age 50 or older.

HSA loans  limit for individuals with self-only HDHP is $3,400, and the limit for individuals with family HDHP coverage is $6,750

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Why choose MKG Money Service Business alternative banking, mobile payment technology


“MKG Tax Refund" is considered one of the most innovative mobile app platform in the tax industry." combining mobile payments, tax preparation and tax refund together. As a leading tax preparation technology company, and we continue to grow our share in tax refund anticipation loans, "ABS "Asset Backed Security products -- we are able to leverage our financial products to become the fastest growing tax refund software provider in the US market.”

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Investment Policy Statement

The tax industry is a seasonal business as more consumers rely on using their mobile phone devices nowadays Americans Check Their Phones 8 Billion Times a Day.

Mobile payment apps have been around for years, but companies like Apple, Google, and Samsung have all launched new tap-to-pay services in the 2014-2015 timeframe. "We're seeing a perfect storm of technology in the mobile device, tax industry technology in the open market, and do-it-yourself tax preparation web based and IRS free file applications being put into the retail tax industry environment.

The vast majority of Americans – 95% – now own a cellphone of some kind. The share of Americans that own smartphones is now 77%, up from just 35%

MKG Tax Refund is a alternative banking mobile finance and  tax preparation processor (P2P) Peer-To-Peer  lending app accessible to 95% of American who electronically file their taxes. We are able to combines both tax refund check card processing service, (EFT's) electronic funds transfer, (EFD's) electronic funds deposit and Direct Deposit & Mobile Deposit Check Services to underwrite and streamline small dollar loan approval rates and ability to repay. 

We offer convenient locations extended hours vary from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Sunday. Higher financing loan terms based on (ATR) ability to repay, settlement options, Single transaction 

EFT limits per day is $5,000 dollars

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In order qualify for a private loan. 

Acceptable plan type assets and income is required to open an account to be eligible to receive a private loan, or electronic fund deposit (EFD) direct deposit & check card service. A individual borrower must also provide proof of ID, have on file authorized (LPOA) limited power of attorney form, gainfully employed and receive direct deposit from following sources of income eligible for direct deposit & check card service within 10 days . 

Approved Types of Income

 Individuals can turn any plan type (Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, HSA) into a self-directed IRA as long as the account is held by a self-directed IRA custodian. Self-directed IRA plans have the same tax advantages as non self-directed IRAs. 

Payroll, Insurance Settlements, Lump Sum Payments, Pension Retirement Income, Annuities, State Retirement, Tax Refunds.

IRA/HSA Private Loan FAQ's & The Benefits


 The main purpose of a IRA or HSA private loan in Fresno is to fill in gaps where other loans will not meet a clients needs. Most personal loans require good credit and a solid asset base in order to be approved. A individual that has recently defaulted on a payday loan in Fresno or suffered losses in a lawsuit, bankruptcy, FICO score below 500 for example, will have difficulty meeting these requirements. 

 Our schemes are both Fettered and Unfettered investments in Asset-Backed Security, Corporate Bonds, Commercial Real Estate Mortgage-Backed Investment, Auto Equity Loans, Refund Anticipation Loans (RAL's) portfolios containing assets and funds managed by MKG Money Service Business and external funds controlled by other private lenders, and banking partners managers from other companies 

MKG Enterprises Corp. account handling fee $0.00-$9.99 

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Processing times can take up to 2-3 weeks to approve depending on your type of income received.

 California loans are made pursuant to MKG Money Service Business, Cash Advance Short Term Repayment Option Lender California Department of Business Oversight Finance Lenders Law License  60DBO-45224  


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